How do I go about renting gear from TurnoutRental?

Order securely online by completing the online order form. If paying by money order or certified check, simply complete the online order form, print it out and mail it in with your payment. You can also order over the phone. Contact us at 866-887-6688.

Why should I rent my turnout gear from TurnoutRental instead of renting from another company?

There are a lot of reasons you should rent your gear from us. We have the largest inventory. We do not charge for cleaning or repairs. And replacement gear is generally shipped within 24 hours of being requested. We think the most important reason to choose us is that we answer the phone. We are a team dedicated to supporting your rental over the course of your training and not just at the time you place your order. This is important. Your training does not stop for your equipment issues. We understand this and since 2001 have sought to distinguish ourselves by providing the highest level of customer service.

Why should I rent my turnout gear ensemble from TurnoutRental instead of just buying the gear from a local dealer?

Purchasing a new turnout gear ensemble (helmet, hood, bunker coat & pants, suspenders, boots, gloves and gear bag) can cost more than $1,800. Further, if you are a student you will be supplied with gear by the hiring fire department, making the purchased gear obsolete. It makes much more sense to rent gear from TurnoutRental where you are paying only for the use of the gear.

Is the gear I rent from TurnoutRental brand new?

The gloves and hood are brand new, and these are yours to keep at the end of your program. The helmet, boots, and bunker coat and pants are either new or refurbished. All the gear we use is top quality, late-model gear from leading manufacturers such as Globe, Morning Pride, Janesville, Ranger, Thorogood and Bullard.

Is the gear NFPA approved?

All of our gear is compliant with NFPA 1971 (Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Firefighting) and NFPA 1851 (Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting). The turnout coats and pants are cleaned, inspected and repaired; the helmets are taken apart and liners washed; and boots are washed by hand and the toes are reinforced. Gloves and hoods are typically brand new. Coats and pants will always be the same color and from the same manufacturer.

What if I already own a helmet and/or boots?

The ordering process will allow you to delete these items from the rental package and will adjust the rental price accordingly.

How do I know that the gear you send me will fit correctly?

If you use the measuring instructions and provide accurate measurements, the gear should fit. If reported within the first week of training any sizing issues will be addressed at no cost. It is our practice to have you keep the gear you have while waiting for the replacement gear to arrive.

What if the gear is damaged during my training?

Damaged items are replaced upon request, generally within 24 hours. It is our practice to have you keep the gear you have while waiting for the replacement gear to arrive. A prepaid shipping label will be included with the replacement gear to facilitate the return of the damaged gear.

If the gear is damaged during my training will I be charged?

Normal wear and tear is included in your rental fee. Please refer to the Rental Terms & Conditions for a detailed description of what is considered normal wear and tear. This description also lists damages that are beyond normal wear and tear and for which you will be responsible.

Do I have to clean the rental gear before returning it?

No. Do not attempt to clean the gear yourself. We expect the gear to be returned soiled at the end of the rental period. The materials used in the construction of turnout gear (the outer shell, thermal liner and moisture barrier) are highly technical and must be cleaned using the proper combination of pre-treatment, water temperature and cleaning agents. Please contact us if the gear must be cleaned during the rental period. The Nomex hood can be laundered as-needed in a gentle cycle with warm water and a mild laundry detergent. The hood should be air-dried following cleaning.

How is the gear sent to me and how do I return it when I'm done?

Your order will be shipped via FedEx Ground. Expedited shipping is available at an extra cost. A pre-paid FedEx Return Shipping label will be included with your rental order. When returning the gear, simply affix the label to the box and take it to any FedEx facility. Click here to find a FedEx location near you.

What if I have to drop out of my training academy early? Can I get a refund?

If you return the gear unused before the start of your program, we will refund the full rental price minus the shipping charges and a $50.00 cancellation fee. If you return the gear less than 6 weeks from the start of your program, we will refund 50% of the rental price minus the shipping charges and a $50.00 cleaning fee. If more than 6 weeks of the program is completed, no refund of the rental price will be provided. The Customer will be eligible for a full refund of any security deposit as outlined in Paragraph six (6) of the Rental Terms & Conditions. Note: if your training period is less than 9 weeks you are responsible for the full rental price.

What if I lost my return shipping label?

If you’ve lost your return shipping label fill out this form and we’ll send you a replacement.

What if I need to extend my rental?

If you need to extend your rental use this link. Note: you will need your order number and the email address used when your order was placed.