Standard Ensemble

  • Bunker coat and pants with suspenders
  • Fire helmet with face shield
  • Rubber fire boots
  • New fire gloves and Nomex hood
  • Gear bag

Gloves and hood are yours to keep at the end of the program.

Programs Tailored to your needs

Why spend $1800 on a Turnout Ensemble when you can rent your gear from TurnoutRental? Let us put together a rental ensemble or program to meet your specific needs.


When we bring on a new probationary hire, we rent turnout gear from TurnoutRental for that person until they have completed their training and we are certain they will be staying on, then we purchase their permanent gear. This has saved a considerable amount of money for the department over the years.
— Kurt K., Deputy Chief, Minneapolis

TurnoutRental is by far the best bang for the buck. They bend over backwards to assist our fire rental needs. I can't say enough. Great customer service.
— Michael B., District Chief, Illinois

Incredible customer service, they have always come through for me with 1-day or 1-month's notice. They're the best.
— Jon I., Fire Academy Director, Illinois

Your turnaround time is unbelievable. I don't know what we would do without your service.
— Scott H., Senior Regional Manager, Ohio

You made the entire process go so smoothly, from planning dates, to shipping labels and cartons, to quick turnaround time.
— Terry K. Assistant Fire Chief, Missouri

The rental gear I got from TurnoutRental arrived on-time, looked good and fit me. I was a pre-service student and I didn’t have a fire department to loan me gear. My only other option was to buy the gear new. saved me over $1,000.00.
— Robert G., Student, Michigan

We rented gear from TurnoutRental for several months for our new hires because we wanted to make sure they would pass their probationary status before we purchased new, custom-made gear for them. This was a quick and low-cost solution for us. We were very pleased with the service.
— Rick R., Fire Chief, Michigan

We have used TurnoutRental for the last ten years as our supplier of rental gear for our fire academy students. We have received excellent service and any problems that have arisen have been taken care of quickly…This service coupled with their reasonable pricing makes them hard to beat.
— Steve M., Director of Fire Science Technology, Texas

The cost of maintaining the student’s personal protective equipment for our fire academy program was astronomical. TurnoutRental has helped to reduce operational expenses significantly within the fire academy program. [We were] replacing, repairing, and laundering equipment on a schedule of every 16 weeks. We were spending over $1,000 a semester on shields alone…TurnoutRental has helped [us] reduce operational expenses, and required students to be accountable for their gear.
— Jeffrey H., Professor of Fire Science, Michigan

The gear was fantastic…I just finished my EMT-B course so I’ll be looking for a place among the firefighters soon. Thank you so much for all your help!
— Jason B., Student, Texas

I’m a big guy…TurnoutRental had the sizes I needed in stock. They were easy to work with and got me my gear on time.
— Randy K., Student, Michigan